Give pitches and project presentations that make clients glued to your every word.

No more slide decks with endless words.

No more confusing scrolling back and forth in a prototype.

No more just "letting the work speak for itself."

No more blank stares or distracted clients.

There's a better way.

It's called pitching a captivating experience and Joey's going to teach you how in this Masterclass.

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Joey Tackett, Masterclass host, is posed in front of three images of creative professionals speaking to people in rooms and on camera.

You can be an amazing presenter.
Let's get you there.

This Masterclass is for...

Designers, creative strategists and consultants selling ideas—
at any level from junior to director

Creatives looking to get promoted or find a job and want to gain presentation skills

Creative freelancers or agency owners who have their own clients and want to win more and keep their current clients happy

The skills you will learn are immediately actionable. You'll get in the right mindset and gain tools to improve how you selling your ideas, whether that's in a job interview, internally to your team or to your Creative or Design Director, or to clients.

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The entire agency and consulting ecosystem runs on one thing:
happy clients!

Happy clients stick around because they are getting great value.
Oh, and they also tell others about you.

Happy clients = more revenue for longer!

Guess what, if your client isn't wowed by your solutions they won't really see the transformation they hoped for.

They are usually not wowed because they can't quite understand how your idea gets them to where they want to go.

You can make this connection for them.
You can wow them!

It is all achieved in the art of the presentation.

Join the Creative Pitch Masterclass to learn how to go from unconfident to being in total command of the room where people are truly listening—virtually or online.

This Masterclass is on overdrive.

Here's everything that's included.

Five hours of immersive video trainings, plus: 

Joey's Client POV Worksheet and Guide

Joey's Content Curation Checklist and Guide

Joey's Power Presentation+Pitch Framework Reference Sheet

Who is Joey anyway?

Hi, I'm Joey Tackett, an award-winning Creative Director, public speaker and content creator.

Before I got into this wacky creative industry, I dreamed of being a television newscaster. To realize this dream, I studied journalism and worked for a short stint in the break-neck world of local news. I was too creative for that.

But, that's when I realized the power of speaking with clarity and charisma to bring stories to life and make people lean in.

Since then, I've led creative teams at various size creative agencies and have run a boutique design firm of my own. I'm passionate about bringing clients along for the creative journey through amazing creative work that is presented in a compelling way. Want to learn how?

Joey Tackett holding an Oscar.
Joey Tackett speaking in a virtual event.
Joey Tackett posed with headphones.
Joey Tackett speaking in a YouTube video.
Joey Tackett posed with Jen Gottlieb and Chris Winfield at Unfair Advantage Live in NYC.

Wow your client!

In this exclusive Masterclass, Joey will reveal the same exact approach he has perfected over 20+ years pitching creative work to 1,000s of clients from corporate, nonprofit, museum and government.

What works for a board room works for a small group meeting. It's all about how you say it.

Joey's gonna teach you how.

Joey Tackett pointing and smiling while presenting on stage.
“We love that he drew us in with a visual presentation that was phenomenal.
He brought us along in the journey.”
- Leading Non-profit Executive Director
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The Masterclass includes: 

Day 1 Training

Thinking like your client.

What is your client thinking about anyway? Before screaming "tell me what you want!!!" just relax and attend this foundational first day.

Joey reveals his Client POV/Reframe Rapid Guide to help you get into your client's head to see your presentation in a whole new way. You can employ these tactics right away on your current or next project.

Photo of two people working at a computer with a mobile phone in front with the image of the Client POV/Reframe Rapid Guide.

Day 2 Training

Connecting the dots.

You have a bunch of designs on a screen. You have 40+ incomplete slides. The presentation is tomorrow. You need help fast.

Joey reveals his Content Curation Rapid Guide to help you quickly choose what to show and how to frame talking points that clearly and compellingly capture your client's attention.

Photo of a laptop opening with a vivid colorful image with a mobile phone in front with the image of the Content Curation Rapid Guide.

Day 3 Training

Mastering your pitch story.

The work may not actually speak for itself. You must speak about why the work is the right path forward.

Joey reveals his Power Presentation + Pitch Framework he's used to wow 1,000s of clients. The framework works for literally any type of content, from high-concept designs, to technical strategy, to marketing plans.

Photo of three people laughing together working at a table with a mobile phone in front with the image of the Power Presentation and Pitch Framework.

Bonus Training

Perfecting persuasion.

"Let's just present what we have a see what they say." If you're saying that, you've already lost a big opportunity to guide the client to the ideal future state you know they need. In this bonus training for VIP Special Access only, Joey brings everything together with his Persuasive Positioning Toolkit.

Photo of a confident person speaking to two peoplewith a mobile phone in front with the image of the Purposeful Persuasion Toolkit.
with Masterclass Enrollment!
The Present to Captivate training presents the possibilities on how to create a captivating presentation experience using the 4Cs.

(I've leaked the first 7 minutes of the training in the above video so you can learn the 4Cs to creative a captivating presentation right now!!)

As you can see below, the chat from the LIVE training recording was on on fire!
Get Instant Access to the Creative Pitch Masterclass
Got questions? We've got all the answers here.

How much time investment is this Masterclass?

The more you put in the more you will get out of It. At a minimum, you'll want to carve out 2 hours each day—1 for the training and 1 for the homework. The skills you learn will be timeless, though we believe taking the most to learn and collaborate while the Masterclass is in full momentum will give you the best results (and be the most fun!) 

Are the trainings pre-recorded or live? 

The entire curriculum is just waiting for you inside the Masterclass. Everything is recorded and on-demand. You can binge it!

Will this be relevant if I don't work in a creative job? 

Absolutely! Joey's 23 years of pitching and presentation experience has been in the creative agency space, so many of the examples will be tailored for people either working at or running a creative agency, though all the approaches are built on bigger themes that are easily adaptable to other professional settings where presenting ideas is required.

Will this be worth it if I don't do sales pitches at my job? 

Absolutely! You'll learn Joey's view on this as the Masterclass starts, though no matter what we call it, if you are striving to communicate and convince someone of an idea you have, that's presenting! In fact, the sooner in your career you master your presentation skills and build confidence, the faster you will get promoted and open more doors.

The approach works for anyone in a job that requires you create and present ideas to others. Ideas can be words, visuals, videos, strategies, etc.

Does this work for people outside the United States?

Joey is based in sunny Los Angles, though we welcome any and everyone from all over the world. The only requirement is that you speak English, as all the content will be presented in English.

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