Be Yourself On Camera

Free Virtual Action Training
Join Live on Wednesday, June 19 @ 10 am PT/1 pm ET

Unlock the secrets to confidently express yourself on video so you can have a bigger impact with your business.

In this game-changing action training, Hollywood-based creative branding expert and YouTuber Joey Tackett will share his proven strategies to help you exude authenticity, speak persuasively, and build unshakable trust with your audience.

With over 25 years of experience in broadcast journalism, visual design, and creative strategy, Joey has distilled the essential elements of captivating on-camera presence into an easy-to-follow framework that will transform the way you create videos and live presentations.
Discover the three secrets to sounding confident and persuasive on camera
Learn the five intrigue-building video script components to capture attention
Overcome camera anxiety and express yourself with ease and authenticity
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this Action Training is for you if...

You want to leverage video to build trust and attract your ideal clients

You struggle feeling confident and natural when speaking on camera

You want to create compelling video content consistently