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The Digital Agency Growth Podcast Episode
In the episode, Dan and I discuss how to approach pitching and presenting in the agency setting.

I have put together this collection of resources to help you and your agency enhance your client experience through powerful pitches and persuasive presentations.

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- Joey

Pitch and Present With Total Confidence
Action Training
Join Joey Tackett, Webby Award winning agency creative director, YouTuber, and branding expert to learn how he has turned the most boring creative project walk throughs and website demos into illustrative and immersive storytelling experiences that leave clients clapping. In the Action Training, Joey focuses on FOUR changes anyone can make to their presentations to immediately present with more confidence and cause your client to engage and listen. It's all there. What are you waiting for? Hit PLAY!

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Who is Joey anyway?

Hi, I'm Joey Tackett, an award-winning Creative Director, public speaker and content creator.

Before I got into this wacky creative industry, I dreamed of being a television newscaster. To realize this dream, I studied journalism and worked for a short stint in the break-neck world of local news. I was too creative for that.

But, that's when I realized the power of speaking with clarity and charisma to bring stories to life and make people lean in.

Since then, I've led creative teams at various size creative agencies and have run a boutique design firm of my own. I'm passionate about bringing clients along for the creative journey through amazing creative work that is presented in a compelling way. Want to learn how?

Joey Tackett holding an Oscar.
Joey Tackett speaking in a virtual event.
Joey Tackett posed with headphones.
Joey Tackett speaking in a YouTube video.
Joey Tackett posed with Jen Gottlieb and Chris Winfield at Unfair Advantage Live in NYC.

Wow your client!

I've led brand strategy and creative projects for 1,000s of clients across the corporate, nonprofit, museum and government spaces. I'm obsessed with creating amazing brand experiences that take client's success to the next level.

Joey Tackett pointing and smiling while presenting on stage.
“We love that he drew us in with a visual presentation that was phenomenal.
He brought us along in the journey.”
- Leading Non-profit Executive Director
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